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Welcome to Accio Etcetera!

Hello everyone and welcome to Accio Etcetera!  We provide fine wizarding goods for witches and wizards of all ages, but especially those heading to Hogwarts each year.  Let’s start with an introduction to our clothing!

Student Shirt and Short Cloak

Students are required to wear a white button-down shirt and tie in their house colors, and these shirts more then meet that demand!  The ties match each of the house colors, and on the chest there is a small pocket with the house crest embroidered upon it.  The short cloak is fully sculpted, black on the outside with the house color within.  Available for both sexes in all four house colors.

School Skirt

The girls at Hogwarts are supposed to wear black, knee length skirts.  AE! has created our own version of the uniform classic.  These skirts have a high waist, buttoned with three gold buttons, and the hem is trimmed with a wide ribbon in the appropriate house colors.  With glitch pants and leg pieces, this skirt is virtually AO-proof!

Student Hoodie

What better way to show house pride when not on campus then a comfy hoodie in your house colors?  Show house pride anywhere in our brightly emblazoned school hoodies. Each comes with a sculpted body, pocket, and hood, and they’re available for both sexes in all four house colors.


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